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Big vihuela by Carel Huiskamp (2009)
Grote vihuela de mano door Carel Huiskamp (2009), mensuur 76,0 cm. Hals en knoppenkast uit kersenhout. Elegant en goed klinkend instrument. Prijs: EUR 2900 incl. luxe en lichte Kingham koffer.
Grand vihuela de mano Carel Huiskamp (2009), diapason 76,0 cm. Manche et cheviller en bois de cerisier. Instrument bon et elegant. Prix : 2650 Euros (baisse de 2900 EUR) avec son etui Kingham de luxe et leger.
Vraagprijs verlaagd naar EUR 2650,- (was EUR 2900)
voor meer informatie en fotomateriaal:
pour plus d'information et images nettes:

10-korige Renaissance luit
Gebouwd door Carel Huiskamp (2005). Mensuur 62 centimeter, foto
inclusief Kingham koffer.
Vraagprijs: €2300.
Inlichtingen: Gert de Vries:
tel. 06-13436489

9 course arciliuto, Holzgruber 1986
made by Bernd Holzgruber after Tieffenbrucker, instrument in the posession of Konrad Ragossnig.
asked price: EUR 2200,-

Bladmuziek & Boeken
[09.08.2014] Voor een prik of niks af te halen allerlei aan bladmuziek en boeken over muziek. (koffie en thee is gratis!) Zie PDF. Ireen Thomas 06 36055512/ireen.thomas@gmailcom

6c Vihuela Barber&Harris 1998
[10.2.2014] I’m selling a beautiful 6-course vihuela by Barber/Harris (1998). String length 61 cm; good sound and playability; new KF-strings and Savarez copperwound basses. Price: 2300 EUR (case included). Pictures on request.

Vihuela & concert oud for sale
[09.10.2013] Vihuela
Vaulted back with seven fluted ebony ribs, with 8 inlays on the top and head plate, constructed and decorated with special care by Javier Martínez.The woods used are top quality and guaranteed old age:
- Bottom ribs, sides and neck, made of ebony with maple strips. - Fingerboard: ebony and contrasting woods (redwood and maple)
- Spruce top with boxwood rosette, three sheets of wood, (according to the model of the Paris Chambure Vihuela)
- Boxwood pegs.
- Eight Inlays on the top and head plate.
- Vibrating length of the strings: 66.4 (allows tuning in E (currently), in F and in D)
It is built according to the historical techniques of the XV and XVI, using natural glues and varnishes made by the own luthier, linen to reinforce the structure, two harmonic bars at the top, etc... A work of art made to be strung with gut strings, as shown in the photos, although it is currently strung with Nylgut and wound in the bass. With both types of strings, gut and with nuygut, the vihuela response is excellent, with a lovely sound. Located in Spain (Zaragoza) Contact for price and payment terms.
It's a beautiful Turkish concert oud with inlays on the top and on the fretlessboard, with great sound quality, balanced, clear, deep, with good harmonics, a beautiful color... It's very comfortable and easy to play. The oud is in top condition. The top is spectacular, the back has 15 curved ribs, it has a new bridge, built in February 2013, which enhances even more their acoustic qualities ... Comes with hard turkish case, three rishas (two Pyramid),three new sets of strings, and the original bridge. Located in Spain (Zaragoza) photos of both instruments in a .zip (2,5 MB) Contact for price and payment terms. Mail: Tel. + 0034 656287035 Alexander

13 course baroque lute for sale
[01.07.2013] 68.5 / 72.5 cm. After Sebastián Schelle, 1727. Made by José Miguel Moreno and Alejandro Fuentes; Madrid, 2005. curly maple body with ebony inlay ebony fingerboard 3500€ with case contact: picture:

13 course student baroque lute for sale
[01.07.2013] 13 course student baroque lute made by Carlos González, 1998 69 / 72 cm. 11 ribs body perfect condition 1800 € with case contact: picture :

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